Assistant Professor Ioanna Vovou

Specialization: Mass Communication & Society

Ioanna Vovou is an Assistant Professor at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens, Greece), in the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, were she teaches media sociology, media anthropology, introduction to the mass communication theory and the mass media, and television analysis and practice in the department’s journalistic laboratory. She has the title of « Maître de Conférences » in the French public University “Université Paris XIII” where she was teaching for the period 2002-2007. She has also taught in the following French public Universities: Université Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle, Université Paris VIII, Université Paris XII. She is a full member of the « Centre d’Etudes des Images et des Sons Médiatiques » (CEISME/CIM, University of Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle).

Her research interests focus on the relation between the media and the society, on media analysis, cultural aspects of intermedial communication and media discourses. She is the author of essays dealing with the history of television, the political talk shows on Greek television, social representations in reality TV, and gendered representations in the media. Her book The perforated mirrors of television was published in Greek by Herôdotos (2009) and she had the scientific coordination of the collective volume The world of television (Herôdotos, 2010).


  1. Introduction to Media and Mass Communication Studies (1st Semester)
  2. Contemporary Media Theories (4th Semester)
  3. Journalism Lab VI: Journalism and Journalistic Storytelling in TV (7th Semester)
  4. Transmedia Communication (MA in New Media and Journalism)