Assistant Professor Charikleia Tsokani

Specialization: Music and Communcation

Charikleia Tsokani is a musicologist. Since 1990, she teaches and researches – at the Faculty of Communication, Media and Culture, of Panteion University – aspects of the music phenomenon, who are widely linked to the formation of civilization, especially to matters of human communication. She is responsible for activities related to Music and Vocal expression under the Cultural Workshop of the Department. She has published the books Music Mania: To the roots of Bacchic enthusiasm (2011), and The Cry of The Medusa – from Myth to Music (2006), as well as papers in national and international journals.


  1. Music and Communcation (2nd Semester)
  2. Culture Lab ΙV: Music and Vocal Expression (6th Semester)
  3. Music Myths and Rituals (7th Semester)
  4. Music (MA in Cultural Management)