Assistant Professor Dionysis Kavvathas

Specialization: Philosophy & Media Aesthetics

Dionysios Kavvathas studied philosophy at the Freie University of Berlin. He is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Media Aestetics at the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, and visiting professor at thte MA Program “Digital forms of art” at the Beaux Arts School in Athens. He has published on media aesthetics, “writing”, “image” and “music”, and has studied their historical transcript through digital technology.

He is directing two scientific series (Αesthetica and Philogophy and Media Aesthetics) studying the techniques of organization of the social space and the historical time (Friedrich Kittler, Vilém Flusser, Norbert Bolz, Dirk Baecker, and Michel Serres). He is also member of the scientific committee of the psychoanalytical and philosophical αληthεια. He has published numerous pieces of criticism in newspaers. He is working now upon a systematic and historical approach to technical memory models from Plato to Turing.


  1. Media Philosophy (4th Semester)
  2. Media Aesthetics (6th Semester)
  3. Theories of Communication (7th Semester)
  4. Theory and History of Media (MA in Communication and Media Rhetoric)