Assistant Professor Maria Paradeisi

Specialization: Film History

Maria Paradeisi is Assistant Professor at Panteion University of Athens, in the Department of Communication, Media and Culture. She teaches undergraduate courses such as Introduction to Cinema, History of World Cinema, Film Analysis, and courses in the graduate MA program on Cultural Studies (Film Theory). She was a member of the scientific committee of the project "Gender Studies in Political and Social Science (2002-2007)" and she has participated in the research project Ge.M.I.C (Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interaction), 2008-2011, financed by the European Union. She has studied Law, Political Sciences and Cinema (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Paris X, Paris VII). She holds a Doctorate Degree in Political Sciences (1984) (thesis title: Women’ s Representations in Hollywood Cinema). She has also worked for Greek radio, television and cinema from 1985 to1989 and has directed films for Greek television.

Maria Paradeisi is author of the book Cinematic Narration and Delinquency in the Greek Cinema (1994-2004), Athens, Greece, 2006. Typothito Press. She has written the 7th chapter “Maria, Irene and Olga à la recherche du temps perdu” in Flavia Laviosa (ed.) Women Filmmaking in the Mediterranean, Macmillan Palgrave, L.A, In print: “Gender, Migration and Cinema in Greece” in the collective volume Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interactions, Nissos September 2013

She has also published numerous articles on Greek cinema and women’s cinema in Greek and English language journals.


  1. Introduction to Cultural Management (3rd Semester)
  2. Film History I (3rd Semester)
  3. Film History IΙ (4th Semester)
  4. Culture Lab ΙΙ: Κινηματογράφος (5th Semester)
  5. Cinema (MA in Cultural Management)