Associate Professor Marianna Psylla

Specialization: Political Communication & Political Discourse Analysis

Marianna Psylla is Associate Professor of Political Communication. She received an M.S. degree in political sociology an M.S. degree in political and social communication and a PhD degree in Political Science from the University of Paris Sorbonne I. She teaches Political Sociology, Political Communication, Policies and Communicative Action, Analysis of Messages. She is advisor of an edition-series called Communication-Politics.

She is also teaching Political Communication at the MA of the Department of Political Science at Panteion University, and Cultural Communication at the MA “Cultural Units’ Management” (Hellenic Open University).

Has published two books: Politics as Action and Discourse (2003), and Methodology for the Analysis of an Event in Print Media (2010).

Academic coordinator for the Erasmus, Erasmus Placement and Erasmus+ programs for the Department of Communication, Media and Culture. Academic supervisor for the Internship programme. Responsible for the organization of a two-year programme on “Symbolic Representations and Space” (2010-2012), as well as a weekly seminar on “Methodological Approaches to Social Research” for the doctoral candidatesof the Department.


  1. Political Sociology (3rd Semester)
  2. Political Communication (6th Semester)
  3. Analysis of Messages (8th Semester)
  4. Public Policies and Digital Technology (MA in New Media and Journalism)