Professor Persa Zeri

Specialization: Communication Systems with specialization in Comparative Analysis of Communication Systems

Persephone Zeri studied Law in the University of Athens and Η Περσεφόνη Ζέρη σπούδασε Νομικά στον Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών και Political Science in the University of Bremen/Germany. Fields of research and teaching: Media Theory, Theory of Networks, Society of Networks, Political Communication, Public Governance with an emphasis on the Governance of Netwroks.

She is Professor tha the Department of Communication, Media and Culture at Panteion University. Visiting Professor at the Communication Institute at the University of Münster/Germany, Hamburg and Oxford University. She has published several books, has translated two scientific books into Greek and has a series of publications in scientific journals and collective volumes. Has participated in several scientific conferences and has written extensively in the Greek Press. She speaks English, French and German.


  1. Contemporary Society and Media of Communication (3rd Semester)
  2. Civilazation Media and Democracy (6th Semester)
  3. Communication, Media and Politics I (MA in Communication and Media Rhetoric)
  4. Communication, Media and Politics II (MA in Communication and Media Rhetoric)
  5. Psychology and Media (MA in Communication and Media Rhetoric)