MA in Communication & Media Rhetoric

Doctoral Studies

The Department of Communication, Media & Culture offers a Phd program entirely by research.

MA in New Media & Journalism

The MA in New Media & Journalism aims to promote research in the fields of journalism - both traditional and multimedia -, digital (digital) and mobile (mobile) communication, with emphasis on journalism, public policy and international relations, the new entrepreneurship in the field of media, the creative economy and the new, digital, representation techniques and storytelling.

The MA in New Media & Journalism will begin in the academic year 2015-2016. More information as well as a syllabus will be announced shortly.

MA in Cultural Management

The program aims at providing specialized courses, research and production of knowledge, in the field of cultural management in a wide sense. The program lasts 2 semesters plus a semester for writing the MA thesis.

The program focuses on a critical approach to culture, an interdisciplinary approach combining theory and practice. A wide spectrum of knowledge and skills is made available to students, who are interested in design and programming, direction and organization of cultural institutions and events, both in private and public sectors. On the other hand, the program aims at widening -through research- the borders of existing knowledge in fields like:

  • Institutions, functions and activities of culture in any and all of their aspects (aesthetic, social, legal, regulatory, economic, political, ideological, etc.).
  • Principles, procedures and managerial as well as organizational techniques of cultural institutions.
  • Specific managerial and organizational aspects of certain cultural sectors, from museums and cultural heritage to visual and performing arts.
  • Cultural policy in national and international level, international educational and cultural relations, cultural diplomacy.
  • Cultural communication, cultural audiences, and cultural consumption.
  • Cultural aspects of information society, as well as the application of IT in cultural communication and management.

Upon this basis, the MA in Cultural Management aims in producing specialized personnel, combining in depth theoretical knowledge on culture, creation and heritage, with a broad acquaintance with the methods, the practices and the major discussions about cultural management.

MA in Communication & Media Rhetoric

The program aims to provide a high level of knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of communication and media rhetoric, focusing in communication theory and institutions, verbal and visual rhetoric as practiced in the media. It aims, as well, to upgrade and promote research in the aforementioned areas.

Designed to adequately respond to candidates with personal, academic or professional pursuits in Communication in general and, particularly, interested in studying Media theory and practice.

The MA in Communication & Media Rhetoric will begin in the academic year 2015-2016. More information as well as a syllabus will be announced shortly.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Communication, Media and Culture offers an MA Program in Cultural Management, since 2002.

In 2014 the Ministry of Education approved a proposal by the Department for a tripartite MA Program:

  • Communication and Media Rhetoric
  • New Media and Journalism
  • Cultural Management

The MA in Communication and Media Rhetoric, as well as the MA in New Media and Journalism will start in September 2015.