Advertising and Public Relations Lab II

Advertising and Public Relations Lab II: Market Research, Digital Media and Apps - Web, UX, Apps, Mobile, Video, Podcasting  [410262]

Betty Tsakarestou & Dr. Stavros Kaperonis

Professional associates: Dr. Konstantinos Ioannidis, Head of Market Research, South EU Hub at Philip Morris International / Magy Kontou, Lean UI/UC Designer, Simple Apps | Fortune 40 Under 40 | AEIF Alumni |WTM & GDG Athens | Tech Talent School / Dr. Panagiotis Zaharias, The UX Prodigy Founder and UX Researcher & Antonis Birmpas, UX ερευνητής, Art Director, the UX Prodigy. 

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The lab is organised in two modules. In the first module the ADandPRLAB students explore the different methodologies and dynamics of Market Research, conduct their own research study, analyse the results, explore data visualization and present their insights following data story-telling techniques. In parallel, students will explore future directions for the industry related to Big Data, Biometrics and AI analytics.

The second module is dedicated to Digital Media and Applications with the aim of familiarizing students with digital creativity tools and developing digital skills, focusing on web design in WordPress environment, designing mobile apps, bots, infographics, work on a podcast production, design a digital newsletter, and practice in data visualization. With the guidance of experts, students will learn how to apply and evaluate the principles in UX Research, and apply UX design principles in digital/ mobile products, services, in combination with further deepening understanding in the methodology of design thinking.




Τel.: - 210-920 1431 Mrs Konidi Niki, 
  Undergraduate students affairs
 - 210-920 1428 Mrs Thedorou Vasiliki,
  Postgraduate student affairs
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  Executive secretary


Student services hours at the Secretariat [2nd floor of the old building]: every Tuesday 10:00 - 13:00

For certifications, letters of confirmation etc., students are assisted by the Student Services Centre in the quadrangle of the New Building, which operates daily from 9:30 – 13:30