Advertising and Public Relations Lab ΙΙΙ

Advertising and Public Relations Lab (ADandPRLAB) IIΙ: Strategy Design & Social Media [410263]

Betty Tsakarestou, Associate Professor and Head of ADandPRLAB

Professional associates: Lina Kiriakou, Founder, The Dollphin & Ogilvy Greece Customer Engagement & Digital, team


This is a Lab where the fundamentals of Strategy in Customer Experience and Communication reside. Throughout the semester, we will be looking into different aspects of Strategy to deepen the AD&PR Lab students’ understanding of the human-centred decision-making process a service, a product or an organization has to explore in order to thrive in this complex Experience Economy, where “change” is the new normal and innovation is not about the rare occasions when we have to do something exceptional: it’s about our everyday (business) life. The overall goal is to help students deeply understand the mindset and methodologies shaping the Strategic Design realm so as to successfully synthesise the most beneficial parts according to any project they have at hand.

After successfully completing this semester, students will have explored and learned the following:

  • Why Communication is much more than just an aspect of Marketing
  • The similarities and differences of disciplines, mindsets and methodologies such as: Customer Experience, Service Design, User Experience, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking – what does Design have to do with Business
  • The capabilities and mindset that makes a good Strategist - How to Design both for Customer needs and Business Goals and how Behavioural Economics apply.
  • The ways professionals can map an Experience in order to deep dive into flaws and opportunities. The role Customer/User Research plays in the Human-Centred Design approach. The importance of Employee Experience
  • How to create Empathy for the people you are designing for
  • What is the role of Social Media and how to mobilise Influencers in a Strategic manner? How the strategic utilization of Digital Media and Programmatic Advertising contributes to Customer Experience. The ways Data can fuel Creative work that speaks to the Consumer.




Τel.: - 210-920 1431 Mrs Konidi Niki, 
  Undergraduate students affairs
 - 210-920 1428 Mrs Thedorou Vasiliki,
  Postgraduate student affairs
 - 210-920 1064 Karalis Dimitris, 
  Executive secretary


Student services hours at the Secretariat [2nd floor of the old building]: every Tuesday 10:00 - 13:00

For certifications, letters of confirmation etc., students are assisted by the Student Services Centre in the quadrangle of the New Building, which operates daily from 9:30 – 13:30