Advertising and Public Relations Lab VI

Advertising and Public Relations Lab (ADandPRLAB) VI: Crisis Management - Crisis Simulation in Physical and Social Media [410266]

Betty Tsakarestou, Associate Professor and Head of ADandPRLAB

Professional associate - instructor: Mania Xenou, CEO Reliant Communications


AD&PRLAB students, in their final semester, have the opportunity to get introduced to the demanding professional field of crisis management.  They learn to recognise, to prepare for, to prevent and manage different types of crises at different stages of their development, within organizations and states.

Through their familiarization with the crisis management theory and methodology, and by engaging in an experiential learning approach, by participating in crisis management simulation exercise, based on a dynamic scenario that evolves "in real time" in the physical world and in the digital environment, students acquire better understanding of the complexity of crisis management. They learn how to evaluate emerging and ongoing crises, how to analyse the international environment of digital and electronic media, how to formulate scenarios and critically assess the consequences and alternative possibilities of responsible crisis resolution and restoration of the reputation and credibility of the organizations involved.


  • Intensive Workshop- Talking about crises: Myths, realities, challenges. The crisis as the new "normality".
  • Preparing for a possible crisis.
  • Issues Management-Situational Analysis
  • Types of crises - Analysis of cases from the current international news
  • Media Training
  • Social Media Engagement- Communication and dialogue through social media in crisis management conditions
  • Crisis management and communication methodology
  • Crisis Simulation Game- Crisis management simulation based on dynamic scenario
  • Evaluation, discussion of the crisis simulation game
  • Crisis debates




Τel.: - 210-920 1431 Mrs Konidi Niki, 
  Undergraduate students affairs
 - 210-920 1428 Mrs Thedorou Vasiliki,
  Postgraduate student affairs
 - 210-920 1064 Karalis Dimitris, 
  Executive secretary


Student services hours at the Secretariat [2nd floor of the old building]: every Tuesday 10:00 - 13:00

For certifications, letters of confirmation etc., students are assisted by the Student Services Centre in the quadrangle of the New Building, which operates daily from 9:30 – 13:30