Culture Workshops V & VI

Culture workshop V: Management of cultural events

Georgios Michail Klimis - Professional associate-instructor: Dr L. Ramou (musician, researcher)


The workshop aims to familiarise students with theoretical and practical aspects in the organisation and production of a wide range of cultural events. Over the academic years 2015-21, music (of the 20th and 21st centuries) was selected as the thematic field. The outcome of the workshop is a concert cycle entitled "A musical bridge of music over Syngrou Avenue" in collaboration with the Onassis Foundation’s Stegi.

The students, supported by the know-how and communication networks of Stegi, undertake the promotion of the concerts in close cooperation with the musicians; the programme is under the supervision of both institutions.


Culture workshop VI: Theatre - Contemporary performance

Patricia Kokori


Professional associate-instructor: Aris Asproulis (Director of Publicity at Theatro Tehnis Karolou Koun; freelance publicist for many other theatres, events, festivals, cultural organisations; and PhD Candidate in Sociology and Social Policy, Panteion University)

The workshop aims to equip students with the necessary skills for performance analysis, as well as for writing reviews and specialist essays. A theoretical component surveys the major contemporary dramaturgical genres as it traces the development of performance practice and theory over the 20th and 21st centuries. For developing an immediate sense of directorial interpretations, and the different forms of performance, as well as the criteria for aesthetic and technical appraisal of performance accomplishments, students view recorded and live productions. Other skills acquired relate to promoting a production: writing the press release; creating the performance image - selection and preparation of visual material for the poster, video trailer or teaser; setting up interviews, creating presentations and tributes in the media for artists / events / performances / cultural organisations. This third part of the course is taught by an invited professional. Assessment is based on an oral presentation of a particular theoretical approach to a performance phenomenon; and a research paper documenting a performance in an analysis drawing on performance theory. 





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