Journalism Lab III & IV

Journalism Lab III: Social Media and journalism [410239]

Stavros Kaperonis


In the Journalism Lab, students are taught the communication techniques of media organizations through social media networks. The workshop has compulsory course attendances as well as participation in the mandatory assignments. The Laboratory organises lectures, seminars and simulations and conducts research, focusing on the new trends and actions of online journalism. In particular, to the students are assigned projects and presentations of a comprehensive journalistic research for social media networks. The task has three stages. The first stage involves the selection of research around a common theme. The second part includes the collection of data on the actions of journalistic organization’s on social networks as well as the creation of videos and reports. The third part includes the complete presentation of the project, both through its promotion on social networks and through the final mounted reportage (video, interviews).


Journalism Lab IV: Specialised reporting - sports, culture [410240]

Nikos Bakounakis (On study leave) & Pantelis Vatikiotis

Professional associates: S. Triantafyllou (journalist, teaching fellow of the Department), L. Kouzeli (journalist)


In this Lab, students practice and learn the techniques of two types of reporting considered to be among the most important and popular in the media:

  1. Sports reporting, which includes not only how one describes and writes about a sporting event, but also how to report behind the scenes and read the so-called geopolitics of sports and mega-events (Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, etc.).
  2. Cultural reporting, which includes writing about performing arts and the arts in general, description of cultural sites, and art review.


Classes are also given by professionals and close collaborators of the Journalism Laboratory of the Department.  As part of the course, visits to sports and culture venues are organised for the students to be trained in the field.





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Student services hours at the Secretariat [2nd floor of the old building]: every Tuesday 10:00 - 13:00

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