Journalism Lab V & VI

Journalism Lab V: Digital apps, data journalism and digital creativity [410243]

Stavros Kaperonis


The Workshop aims to educate future journalists on the concepts of data journalism, digital and mobile journalism and communication. The workshop has compulsory course attendances, as well as participation in the compulsory assignments. The Laboratory through lectures and seminars gives the basic knowledge about the modern topics of data journalism and how we transform data into news (infographics). Students becoming aware of the modern fake news research tools (text and photos) dominating in e-journalism, as well as of the concepts, usability, UX and aesthetics of websites, content visualization and the basic principles of editing an image.


Journalism Lab VI: Television in the era of intermediality [410244]

Ioanna Vovou


In the television laboratory students work on a medium that changes shape and function together with the social, cultural, economic and technological developments and learn the codes and mechanisms of television communication. The relationship between television and society, television production, the specificity of television journalism and narratives represent the main topics of the syllabus.

Main objectives:

  • The creation of a television and audiovisual culture in journalistic practice (beyond a simple use of technologies and technical skills).
  • The development of a critical position and a professional view on television journalism and audiovisual communication
  • The systematization of methodological and professional skills for journalistic television production (news, documentaries, videos)


Τhe practice of television production focusing on television studio operations, broadcasting, production, post-production. A special approach on producing journalistic content on different communication platforms marks the passage from television to online/web television and social media platforms.




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Student services hours at the Secretariat [2nd floor of the old building]: every Tuesday 10:00 - 13:00

For certifications, letters of confirmation etc., students are assisted by the Student Services Centre in the quadrangle of the New Building, which operates daily from 9:30 – 13:30