New Technologies Lab and the GameLab Research Group

Co-ordinator: Professor Yannis Skarpelos


The New Technologies Lab began its operation in 1999 and offers courses that focus on multimedia, on digital and cultural applications. Since the academic year 2013-2014, it has been collaborating with the workshops of the three Tracks to support the innovative and creative aspects of education that they provide students in the fields of media, cultural management, advertising and public relations. Since the academic year 2016-2017 the course “Gaming and Communication” is taught in the undergraduate programme.

Nowadays, the Workshop is primarily research-orientated, and its work covers fields of cultural technology, cultural multimedia, electronic games, multimedia applications, mobile phone applications, the Internet of things etc. Moreover, it explores information gathering, processing and analysis of big data in the fields of media social networking and of culture, the visualization of data and the digital social sciences.

Since 2010 the involvement with gaming has been systematic, with the creation of the research group Gamelab which has produced the Alternate Reality Game “The Trail”, and the hybrid serious game “Planet Dewey” (in collaboration with the Library of the Evgenidio Foundation, the Panteion University Library, and the Studio Gameness Monster). Recently completed is the alpha version of the game “(Dis)order” with the theme of stress disorders, and the input of the Department’s first-year students. The games of the workshop were presented at various conferences, whereas the analysis of “The Trail” has been included in the first collected volume on Alternate Reality Games. Moreover, in collaboration with the Master’s Programme “Communication, Media and Cultural Management” dissertations have been completed as well as one doctoral thesis, whereas two others are in the process of being submitted.

The Lab participates in the programme Innovate for research in the field of tourism, the creation of storytelling and of a gaming scenario for the creation of immersive experiences in cultural tourism by means of a mobile phone application.




Τel.: - 210-920 1431 Mrs Konidi Niki, 
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  Postgraduate student affairs
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Student services hours at the Secretariat [2nd floor of the old building]: every Tuesday 10:00 - 13:00

For certifications, letters of confirmation etc., students are assisted by the Student Services Centre in the quadrangle of the New Building, which operates daily from 9:30 – 13:30